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See how we « wow » the world of dentistry with seamless, data-driven software solutions.

Dental practitioners, team members Mesdames et Messieurs – WELCOME!

Hear about how our combined machine learning and clinical expertise give birth to astounding dentist-centric products.

Dental practitioners, team members Mesdames et Messieurs – WELCOME!

Touch our ultra-simple and intuitive interfaces, built upon hundreds of hours of testing and perfecting.

Dental practitioners, team members Mesdames et Messieurs – WELCOME!

Dentists to dentists

The Udini dental suite of software solutions transforms any dental practice into an optimized work environment. Intuitive and easy to use, all of our products are co-created by licensed dental practitioners.


Stop wasting precious time: automate photo retouching and boost efficiency by 95%*!

We created a software solution which automatically retouches orthodontic photos in 10 seconds flat.


100 free photos per month


Discover the future of smile design and deliver 100% on expected case results every time!

Create the best treatment plan, using our prediction techniques and visualization in real-time with no additional equipment or training.

We are dedicated to transforming dentistry and care by providing optimal research, optimal testing, and open dialogue with the dental community.


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The Udini Key

● Clinical Expertise

- Research & co-creation
- Engaged dental community

● Optimized workflow

Decision & Treatment

● Multi Tech Expertise

- Superior Machine Training
- Solid Infrastructure & Support

Clinical expertise is the power of Udini

3 founding dental practitioners and a dozen more as our support system. This is how Udini’s innovations meet actual clinical needs, unlike any other tool on the market today.

The magic of AI

Our artificial intelligence, or machine learning techniques combine and cross-reference different types of clinical data to come up with the most optimal clinical solution. These advanced machine functionalities allow us to maximize on achieving clinical goals through accurate and rapid implementation.

What if we build the future together?

Udini is constantly improving and we are counting on you! Help us create new products within a growing community of passionate dentists. Take a proactive part in the future development of ultra-adaptable tools for your practice.